Your personal cloud application

As an organisation, you want to achieve common goals with your employees and grow together. It is therefore essential that you gain insight into your employees’ personalities, qualities and experience. By doing so, your organisation will reap benefits such as saving money you would have spent on external agencies, optimising mobility, creating a more engaging environment and increasing employee productivity.

One application, three solutions

Foster employee engagement and inspire all your employees to do great work. The key to your success starts with our belief that an online application should serve the interests of your employees.

Personal Leadership
Support the development of each employee with our personal career profiles

Career Management
Manage, analyse and match career profiles with the ambitions of your organisation

Talent Communities
Create unified communities in and outside your organisation for networking, personal leadership, engagement and true collaboration

Four essential values


Create a culture of personal development and empower your employees to confidently take charge of their own careers.



Know where to find your high-performing employees and how to personally engage them.


Invest in motivation, engagement and team alignment.



Automatically connect employees with the internal needs of your organisation, with a view to the ambitions of both parties.

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