Our strong relationships

Every day we are proud to work together with the organisations below to improve the relationships between employer and employee.


DUO – Optimising internal mobility

DUO is a large organisation with a workforce that is constantly in motion. That has created a need for a uniform and objective method of optimising internal mobility. By using the career profiles and career management platform created by NextOrange, DUO has gained insight into their employees: who they are, where they are now, and which roles they can fill and grow into. The expected savings: more internal mobility, which reduces the need for external hiring.



Atos – External mobility

Atos uses our consultancy division: NextOrange supports them in the creation of external mobility based on our methodology. Using the career profiles as a starting point, they work together with employees to search for the next step. During this process, we use the career profiles, training profiles and applications, and personal consultations. We also leverage our broad network to create opportunities.



Noorderlink – Profiles and growth

Noorderlink is a partnership that brings together the fields of HRM and HRD from the largest organisations in the northern Netherlands. They are now offering higher-educated unemployed graduates experience in the most diverse work fields, which helps increase their opportunities for finding work. Noorderlink is applying NextOrange’s personal leadership tools to support these graduates’ development. The NextOrange application also allows Noorderlink to track their development.


CT Groep – Analysis and development

CT Groep is a management consultancy from Haren, the Netherlands, that employs about 30 consultants. Their services include team development, personal development, integrated business management, temporary management and HRM. They recently identified a need for an instrument that could provide meaningful reports on the performance of a management review at Rabobank. CT Groep used NextOrange’s personal leadership tools to improve management development.


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